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Khavkin Clinic’s Comprehensive Headache Center is the first of its kind in the state of Nevada. It is borne out of a real and urgent need for a center that will treat headache patients with compassionate, expert evaluation and care using the latest and advanced treatment methods both for preventive and acute treatment.

Majority of headache sufferers at times feel only a very few understand the physical and emotional pain they are experiencing. These are ramified into the financial and social aspects. Just for migraine alone, the direct and indirect cost for treatment and lost wages and productivity is $78 billion a year in the country. Khavkin Clinic is proud to partake in reducing the headache burden in its own unique way.

Khavkin Clinic Comprehensive Headache Center has a highly skilled board certified interdisciplinary team composed of well-trained and experienced respected neurologists, neurosurgeons, ENT specializing in sinus conditions and pain management specialists.

Dr. Arlyn Valencia, who has 24 years experience as a neurologist specializing in stroke, neurocritical care and headache management leads the center in providing a caring atmosphere to headache sufferers and expertly evaluate each patient as to the causes of headache. She has done thousands of headache procedures and has a very high success rate in significantly reducing headache severity and frequency. She has a unique comprehensive and compassionate approach in caring for patients.

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