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Khavkin Clinic specializes in neurosurgery, also known as brain surgery. This type of surgery may be needed if you have been in a car accident. You must visit a doctor to be diagnosed after a car accident so that you can get the care that you need quickly. This type of treatment includes treating injuries related to the central nervous system such as the brain, spinal cord and secondary nerves. Untreated neurological injuries can lead to ongoing pain and degenerative ailments. This is not the type of injury that can heal on its own. It is more likely that they may get worse over time. 


Some of the most common injuries that are treated after an accident include soft tissue injuries to the neck and spine caused by whiplash. Also fractures in the neck and back from whiplash and cerebral contusions on concussions that happen on impact. There are more possibilities for injuries that can be diagnosed by a doctor after an accident. 


Some of the most common symptoms of a neurological injury include headaches, ringing in the ears, feeling anxious, inability to retain information, forgetfulness, inability to comprehend information, hypersensitivity to light, nausea, feeling dizzy, vomiting, stiff muscles in the back and neck, tingling sensation in the limbs, loss of feeling in the limbs, and slurred speech. 


Even if you refused treatment immediately after an accident, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, they could still be indicators of a neurological issue and may require immediate care. Not all symptoms appear immediately either. Delayed symptoms may occur because your body reacts with adrenaline making you unaware of some of the symptoms. Symptoms may appear anywhere between a few hours later to several weeks after an accident. 


Be sure to visit a neurologist immediately if you have experienced any symptoms mentioned after an accident so that they may help you recover from your injuries faster and so that you can get insurance coverage from the accident to cover your medical expenses. Khavkin clinic specializes in diagnosing and treating neurological issues that are caused by an accident.