Conquer Your Sciatica Pains with These Tips

February 5, 2019
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February 5, 2019 khavkin

Is your back pain spreading to other body parts? If you are suffering from a jolt rushing from your lower back down your leg, you have the symptoms of sciatica pains. This irritating medical condition is the typical symptom of more severe back problems, such as spondylolisthesis. You may have difficulty walking or even sitting when it comes to sciatica nerve pain. We will help you combat this condition, so it doesn’t keep you from enjoying your life and daily activities.

Treating Your Sciatica Pains

The sciatic nerve is the most significant single nerve of the body and branches from the spine and lower back to other regions of the lower half of the body.

Sciatica pain symptoms are the following:

  • Pain when sitting
  • Sharp aches making it hard to walk or stand
  • Constant pain in one or both sides of the legs and buttocks
  • Numbness and weakness of legs, toes, and foot

Exercise regularly

Grab your running shoes and keep your home gym active to help with your sciatica pains. Spending time on your core muscles helps keep your back strong and helps with proper posture and back alignment. Remember to stretch out before you begin your exercise routine to avoid any more sprains.

Rest when you can

If you are in a line of work where you are doing extended periods of standing, practice resting your foot on a small box to do proper body mechanics. Do not strain your back when lifting heavy objects, use your lower back and bend your knees.

Put some heat

Acute sciatic pain treatment with a simple heat pad is an easy way to lessen the pain. People often use the cold/heat process for relief by icing the area first then applying a heating pad. Apply heat or ice to your back for 20 mins and repeat every two hours.

Try Physical Treatment for Your Sciatica Pains

Khavkin Clinic offers pain management for your physical therapy needs. Our specialist will work with you to perform exercises to relieve some of your aches. Request an appointment with us today!